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Welcome to Guitarshop Folkestone, we are specialists in quality new and used guitars, acoustics, basses, amplifiers and accessories, we deal in anything from the lower priced used guitars for the beginner all the way up to high end vintage guitars from Fender, Gibson and Gretsch to name just a few!!

Our aim is to provide Guitarists of all levels the opportunity to buy a quality new or used instrument which has been set up properly and fully checked over to make sure it is 100% perfect before leaving our Folkestone based store, we offer our customers a very high level of customer service and strive to be the very best in our field for quality instrument body

Guitar shop folkestone


We stock a wide range of quality guitars, brand spanking new and lovingly restored used, electric, acoustic, resonators, bases, ukuleles and banjos. If we haven’t got I bet you we can find one for you. View guitars

Blackstar Amps Folkestone


We stock BlackStar HT and ID range. Superb performance for practice, studio and live gigs. We also have quality used amps. View Amps

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Strings, pedals, capos, tuners, slides, straps and cables. we also have a superb collection of harmonicas and drumsticks. View accessories

We're Pround Sponsors of Capel Rock 2013 & Jam Night Folkestone

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Fender and Gibson guitars for sale in Folkestone