What We Do here at Guitar Shop

What we want here at Guitar Shop Folkestone is to be a one-stop-shop for guitar players all over Kent and the South East of the UK. We undertake guitar and amplifier repairs, servicing and set ups for all makes and models.

CALL 01303 255558 for more info!

Guitar Servicing Folkestone

Guitar Servicing, Setups and Valve Amplifier Repairs

Our guitar service consists of cleaning, re-stringing,  oiling the fret board where necessary, setting the intonation, string height, pickup height, neck adjustment,  trem tension, full service of pots, switches and sockets,  All repairs carried out by a fully trained guitar technician.

Guitar services start from around £45 +vat

Amplifier Servicing and repairs start from around £45 +parts +vat

Guitar Step-up and Re-string Folkestone Knet

Re strings ONLY £5 plus your choice of strings £5.99-£18.99

Guitar lessons in Folkestone Kent

Guitar Lessons

We have a local guitar teacher based in Folkestone, Kent who teaches all ages, abilities and styles! Whether you have never played guitar in your life or even if you are an advanced guitarist looking to explore a new style of learning we have the guitar lessons that will push you on to the next level!

Guitar lessons cost £13 per ½ hour or £25 per  hour